lunes, 23 de noviembre de 2009

Drunk Driving

Drink driving is a problem for years and which still do not find a solution. This problem is common among adolescents and teenagers around the world, obviously Chile also has this problem and we can see almost every weekend as adolescents and teenagers kill or cause accidents by driving alcoholics.

In my opinion this problem have should a solution firmer, because young people and adults don't realize and many innocent people lose their lives because of irresponsible people and I think that justice should take drastic measures to make this proeblema have a solution

jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2009

assigment 6. Formal transsactionl Letters.

Dear Peter,

The reason for my letter is to write about in your newspaper article written last week about our demonstration against the proposed by-pass in the city of Oldbry the reason for this is by construiccion a new way will destroy the species are in extinction.

Second wrong to write and say that the number of people who supported our demostration was 200 demostrator, because the truth we were over 2000 people. Our demonstration was peaceful, we never blocked access to the site, we never sat in the road.In the article you named us as "Problematic" people we were from elsewhere in the country which is absolutely false, because a lot of us are Recidente s the same place.

Finally, I would ask you to send a journalist to my house for the purpose of clarifying the doubts and mistakes, so you can give good information to readers.

Your sincerely.

Carolina Espinoza.

martes, 10 de noviembre de 2009

Abdul Shanwaz

Abdul Shanwaz went to Canada, he had been a political prisoner for three years. During that time he was in jail and he was tortured. He also became mentally ill.

In Canada, Abdul was arrested after selling an illegal drug, heroin. He sold drugs to the police,then he put the drugs with a baby and he was surprised.

When Abdul appeared in court , he felt very ill, not feeling well physically. the judge determined that he could not return to jail because it was too risky for him and that he sold drugs because the traffickers earned with him. the judge sentenced Abdul to house arrest and electronic surveillance for seventeen months with an extra two years of probation.

The government appealed because they thought Abdul’s punishment was not severe enough. So Abdul went on trial a second time. They sentenced Abdul to six years in jail.

domingo, 8 de noviembre de 2009

Wheater Experience

It was about 7 years ago, one Saturday I was at home preparing my mom's birthday with my brothers and even though it was winter day was beautiful blue skies and sun shining to much, but in the afternoon, the sky change over time was covered with black clouds and a wind started to run harder and harder, in my family nobody cared if the weather changed because it was a special day was the birthday of our mother when we were eating and began to rain slowly but after 10 minutes was torrential rain and lightning, but what scared me most was the wind was so strong it almost blew the roof of my house, I felt very scared because I thought that my house was going to fly. the whole street was full of water, the river mapocho and went out of their cause, it was the ugliest day in my life, but best of all was that suspended all school classes and I was happy with that situation.

miércoles, 4 de noviembre de 2009

Part 2

Dear Carla,

I decided to write this article about the most important person in my life my mother

The most important person in my life in this world is my mother because for me she is the smartest woman in the world, she always understand me and give advice, she is who always worried about all my brothers and we never pass anything wrong.

She was born in Chile in a conservative family, my grandfather always belived in her, because he saw on her a great talent. he spend a lot of money in her studies in the school, the reason was that his daughter will find a good job in the future. First she studied accounting but she didn' t like it, the reason was that she wasn't comfortable because she wanted to study pedagogy in Spanish that was her great passion.

One day my mother decided to go to the University of Chile in Santiago and study in this University Pedagogy in Spanish after that she travel to E.E.U.U for finish her career U.S. she ended her career as the best of her generation, soon began work on a private school but didn't like because she wanted to work in a public school

after many years she worked in differents schools and she felt so happy and comfortable. she retired in 2005 and today is more motivated with the education of Chile.

Mind term writing task

Dear Helen Ryan,

I'm writing to response your invitation for the competition and I' m feel very happy, because I will visit your country I search information and pictures about your country on internet . This competition is ideal for me and I think go with my boyfriend, because we need a rest.

I would like to travel on december, because on january and February I have to work in a camp in the south of Chile.

I prefer stay in log cabins because is more comfortable, I can sleep in a big bed but the most important for me is the bathroom because I love to take a hot bath every morning.

In terms of the competition I would like practice swimming and singing. I choose swimming because a like so much and singing because is my passion and I really like it.

I would like to recieve more information about the Camp, for example if there are mall near for buy a lot of things.

Your sincerely.

Carolina Espinoza.

jueves, 29 de octubre de 2009


What can ordinary people do to help in the fight against crime?

Nowadays the crime in Chile has grown in more than 90%, that we can watch every day in the news, I have seen as thieves steal their celphones to other peolpe on the subway, bus or on the street, now the people are afraid to leave their home.

I think people should be more careful with their things for example when they go out, they shouldn't use earring, necklaces of the gold is important that the people not answering the celphone when they walk down the street, is also very important to be close to police headquarters home safer of thieves, people help each other because is so much easier for thieves won't steal from their home. But the most important place affected by crime are supermarket in this places people steal food, bread, alcohol, shampoo and perfumes. Another group of criminals dedicate in the thief of cars and the most affected are women, some criminals break the glass of the car with a rock threaten them with a guns or simply steal their wallets or handback.
I think the solution to all this theft is that in supermarkets there are more security for customers, and auto theft is our responsibility to learn to be careful that we stop streets and not stopping the car if we see people who are suspect also is imporatant people to be more solidarity with those who are assaulted by these criminals and help to call the police to make it much easier to stop these bad people.

Santiago isn't a dangerous city, but there are a lot of crime and the justice system does nothung to change, because the crimanals going to prision only 3 or 5 days, after than the crimenalist returning to steal and the most affected with this situation us.